here’s some clear pictures of adtr’s merch for their tour with rise against! i tried to get the best picture i could of the hoodie and the crew neck but it was a bit difficult. to answer the debate: YES the hoodie IS a pullover hoodie and it looks awesome! the hoodie is double sided and the picture shows each side. save your money!


Florida’s A Day To Remember are filing suit against seminal hardcore label Victory Records, citing breach of contract. Apparently, the band wish to be free of all ties to the label as they believe they have fulfilled all of their contractual obligations, while the label itself apparently begs to differ.

Further digging reveals that the band initially filed suit back in June 2011 in Nashville, stating that the label owed them $75,000 in royalties.

Though they’ve generally been a well-respected label, A Day To Remember are not the first band to take issue with Victory Records over issues surrounding contracts and royalties, following in the footsteps of bands like Hawthorne HeightsThursday and Streetlight Manifesto. We’ll keep you posted on any updates. (Source)

See the official court document here.

broguesandanklesocks: at eastpak antidote tour they have the keep running your mouth tshirts, get the fuck over it and i hate this town wristbands-£5, pale blue pacman tshirt £20, black tshirts with faces on i think it was £20, the baseball tee £25, and a hoody that was £35. i think there was a few more tshirts but i cant remember


Thank you!

To answer that person’s question asking if Alex smokes……

Kevin Skaff is part Lebanese!

For those of you that were wondering, 

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I’m just gonna post all of my Josh Woodard gifs in one post. Because I love them all so much.






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an3mophobi4: So you know how to change the main tumblr background to that a day to remember one you just posted? :)x

These are the instructions for Google Chrome:

  1. First install Stylish in the green box.
  2. After it is installed right click the stylish icon next to options in your browser.
  3. Click options
  4. Click Add Style
  5. Enter the Code: @namespace url(;
  6. Next to URL enter: http://www.tumblr/dashboard
  7. Name your style and save.
  8. Go to your dashboard and enjoy. :)
— Anonymous: Do you know the band's or any of the specific members' actual twitters? If so, could you list them?


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anti-chr1st: what does LLBDH mean?

LL stands for Loot Lords.

"BDH is that crew of friends from down South Florida. Loot Lords is our rap crew." -Josh

aka it’s his gambling crew.

y0ur-demise: is the baseball tee still at their tent ?

Someone who submitted said that they ran out. But I talked with our source. And how it works is when they run out they order more and get it shipped. So you should be golden. Just buy your merch early on the day of your show.